May 23, 2022

The Benefits of Companion Planting

According to Daniel Walter Hill, the practice of companion planting involves using complimentary plants to attract beneficial pollinators and protect them from pests. Marigolds and basil are two examples of plants that can provide effective pest protection. Basil also likes the protective effects of radishes and onions. Basil has an even greater impact on tomatoes […]

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April 25, 2022

A list of the top five professional-level cameras of 2022

    According to Daniel Walter Hill, looking to upgrade your camera? You may be wondering which models to choose from. In spite of the abundance of excellent digital SLR cameras available, we’ve selected a couple that we believe will make excellent additions to your digital photography arsenal. You may compare any of the cameras […]

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March 22, 2022

The Best Nature Trails in California

    Consider hiking one of California’s many nature paths if you’re planning a family trip there. These are popular yet underutilized routes that are well worth the effort. These routes are ideal for youngsters, however, parents should accompany their children. Try hiking in the city or on a weekday for a less crowded day. […]

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